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Citizen's Charter

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Chennai Metropolitan Co-Operative Housing Society Limited hereby makes known its commitment in delivering services to the citizens living in CMDA limits / Thiruvallore and Kancheepuram Districts through this charter.

Giving accent on people friendly administration


  • Chennai Metropolitan co-Operative Housing Society is a Co-operative Housing Society constituted under Tamil Nadu co-operative Societies Act 1983 & Rules 1988.
  • It is headed presently by Thiru.R.Veeramani elected as president among the ‘A’ Class members of the Society.
  • It grants jewel Loan / Mortgage Loan / Accept Deposits / Market House sites Scheme / Hire Marriage Hall / Locker Facilities.


Timely sanction of loans/implementation of House Site schemes quality services to depositors.


  • Plan for the future
  • Transparency in our operations
  • Care and courtesy towards citizens


The objects of the society shall be

  • To promote the economic interests of its members and to encourage thrift, saving and self-help amongst them.
  • To buy or acquire, land, buildings, by purchase, mortgage, lease, exchange, gift or otherwise, and to manage the properties belonging to it.
  • To acquire house-sites from government or from any authority or agency of government or from any local body or otherwise, for distribution amongst the members of the society.
  • To secure priority in allotment of house site/houses/ from government agencies to the members of the society.
  • To layout the land as developed house sites for distribution amongst the members of the society and provide for common amenities, like roads, drainage street lights, parks, playgrounds, schools, colleges, hospitals, community halls, water works, markets, police station, post office, banks, places of worship etc.
  • To lend loan to members for:
    • The redemption of mortgage of house
    • The purchase of house or flat when the purchasing member has no other house or where if he has one, the purchase is expected to be of advantage or utility to the existing house.
    • The completion of houses or effecting repairs or improvements to houses or change of roof or adding to their premises.
    • The discharge of prior debts or liquidation of old debts which a member is unable to do except with the help of a long term loan.
    • Construction of new houses or for additions to existing houses.
  • To build or cause to build residential houses or flats for and on behalf of the members or other building for the benefit of the members.
  • To construct or cause o construct buildings, or other works of common utility and maintain them property for the well being of the members of the society.
  • To establish and maintain social, recreational, educational, public health or medical facilities for the benefit of the members and their families.
  • To procure building materials, to stock and to supply the same to the members.
  • To raise funds required for the business of the society.
  • To hold, sell land, mortgage land, houses, house-sites, buildings, and other properties movable or immovable or take such action as may be necessary for carrying out the object of the society.
  • To repair, alter or otherwise deal with the buildings of the society
  • To do such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects. (Registered by the Duputy Registrar (Housing) in certificate of Registration in Rc. No. 1879/96E dated 24.01.97)
  • Our Expectations :

  • Chennai Metropolitan Co-operative Housing Society expects members to provide.
    • All information as required in the Member forms / Deposit application / Loan application and House site applications.

    • 30 days for sanction of House Mortgage Loan.
    • 30 Minutes for disbursement of Jewel Loan.
    • Interest payment on deposits – 5 Minutes
    • Deposits – 10 Minutes
    • Plot booking – 10 Minutes
    • Sale Deed – from the date of remittance of land cost – 3days
    • Execution of receipt deed – 10 days from the date of remittance of loan amount
  • chennaimetrocoophousing@gmail.com,
  • 044- 2644 2645, 2644 2222, 2644 3333, 2644 7777, 2532 1795, 2532 5494, 2532 3366, 2642 0540
  • 044- 2642 1190
  • No: 50, Ritherden Road, Vepery, Chennai- 600 007.
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